Registered Massage Therapist

All of our massage therapists are officially registered and are 2200 Hours Certified, Receipts are accepted by all insurances

Megan Nikel

Alberta Acu-Massage
Specializes in Deep Tissue Massage, Active Muscle Release, Cupping Therapy

Megan is a recent graduate from the 2200hr MacEwan University Massage Therapy Program. In the future, she plans on continuing her education at MacEwan to receive her diploma in acupuncture. After sustaining a traumatic rugby injury, she has experienced first hand just how crucial massage can be in the recovery process. Along with her newly developed skills, knowledge and her passion for natural wellbeing, Megan hopes to create an individualized treatment plan to cater to each person. In her spare time, Megan enjoys traveling, playing in a jazz band and on sports teams as well as brushing up on her yoga skills.

Fong Ossevorth

Alberta Acu-Massage
Deep tissue massage, Therapeutic Massage

Certified Registered Massage Therapist, 2200 hours Certification from Makmai College.

Consulting clients to determine what massage/therapy techniques should be

performed; as well as hearing client specific requests. Recommendation of additional

stretches and exercises that clients can perform at home.

As a massage therapist I strive to provide a nurturing and healing experience beyond the massage. As a massage therapist, I spend extra care to hone in on clients highlighted areas of priority or discomfort.

Above all I ensure to always hold I high standard of kindness and professionalism.

Twinkledeep Kaur

Alberta Acu-Massage
Specializes in Relaxation Massage

Twinkle is a RMT who holds a Diploma of Massage Therapy with 2200 hours from MacEwan University with knowledge of wide range of methods and techniques, she is capable of helping you achieve an affective outcome as you would expect.

Patricia (Trish) Zajadlik

Alberta Acu-Massage
Specializes in Trigger Point Therapy, PNF( stretching , Reflexology, Cupping Therapy

Trish is a graduate of the 2200 hour program at MH Vicars School of Massage. During her training she gained skills on addressing special
conditions such as Parkinson's, TMJ, Piriformis Syndrome, Scoliosis, Pregnancy, Frozen Shoulder, Motor vehicle Accidents/ Whiplash,
and Migraines. In her practice Trish uses Trigger point therapy , PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), applied reflexology
and stretching techniques to help you reach your treatment goals. Each client's session is tailored for their specific needs and conditions;
after the massage home care instructions such as stretching and strengthening exercises are provided to help accelerate your results. Trish
is passionate about helping clients find relief from chronic pain and will be expanding her practice with a certification in Reflexology in the coming year.

Joanna Kula

Alberta Acu-Massage
Specializes in Deep Tissue Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Cupping Therapy

Certified RMT, Member of NHPC,  3000 hours training in professional massage diploma program. Specializes treating migraines, tension headaches, neck pain, low back pain, MVA, Sports injury, and rehabilitation.

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