Acupuncture is a treatment by precisely inserting ultra-thin acupuncture needles into key points to relieve symptoms like pain.

Traditional Acupuncture Treatment — Needling: 1. Acupuncture needles, 2. 7 star needles, 3. Electrical stimulation machine, 4. Cupping, 5. Moxibustion, 6. Soft tissue manual therapy (acupressure, massage).

All of these are the tools that will be used individually or in a combined way in an acupuncture treatment. The reaction of the human body to these treatment methods stimulates function, evoking the body’s natural healing response through various physiological systems. There is no clear explanation of how and why acupuncture works, but practically, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture has been used treating varies of medical conditions for thousands years in China it use its own diagnostic system based on the principle of the six meridian differentiation system, 8 basic principles, external and internal principle, to locate the root of the cause of the symptom, identify the character of the disease, and then formulate a needling points prescription, finalize the stimulating methods to each points, check the list of symptoms and conditions that we have been treating by acupuncture and/or combine with another treatment methods

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Cold Laser Acupuncture

Following the same diagnose procedure to formulate points prescription, instead of using needles, this technique uses Cold laser device that specifically made for stimulating meridian to stimulating the same acupuncture points, just like a needle, approach the treatment goals, but without pitching.

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