We welcome our new physiotherapist to our team!

Margret (Maggie) Reichel

Blue Quill Wellness
Specializes in Fitness Training and Active Rehabilitation, Virtial session is on now!

Maggie graduated from FEEVALE University in south Brazil with a degree in Physical Therapy in 2001. She has extensive experience in fitness training and active rehabilitation. She was a certified personal trainer for several years and has run core training programs as well as fitness classes in Edmonton and abroad.

Professional Interests
Her professional interests are sports rehabilitation, women’s health, persistent pain, aquatic therapy, and pre and post-surgery rehabilitation. Maggie is passionate about helping people and encourages them to heal themselves with a whole body and mind approach. She believes that each person can heal through proper movement patterns and helps everyone find their best way to do so.

Incorporates New Techniques
She continues to expand her knowledge with post-graduate courses, including acupuncture through CAFCI, Biomedical dry needling, manual therapy (level 3) through the CPA, persistent/chronic pain, and women’s health (pre and postpartum, incontinence, pelvic pain).

Lives An Active Lifestyle
She loves traveling, biking, Yoga, Pilates, and being active outdoors with her husband and two girls.

Additional Talents
Maggie is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and German.

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